Super OS (Super UBUNTU) 10.04 stable version

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Super OS (Super UBUNTU) 10.04 stable version

Post 21 Sep 2010, 12:51

Super OS (Super ubuntu) 10.04 based on ubuntu 10.04.1 stable version telah dirilis dan dilengkapi dengan berbagai aplikasi software terbaru.

Cocok untuk newbie yang ingin meng-install ubuntu secara instan (tanpa update ini itu terutama codec multimedia) tapi tetap tidak meninggalkan tampilan asli (original) ubuntu.
Super OS 10.04
Berikut fitur-fiturnya :

* Includes with more than 200 updates released for Ubuntu 10.04
* Additional Multimedia Support: VLC, support for DVD-playback, MP3 support and for other formats, like QuickTime video, Real video, Windows Media Video, Flash Video, DivX, Xvid, (.mov, .wmv, .flv, .avi, etc...) etc...
* Internet software: aMSN, Skype, Opera 10.61, Google Chrome 6 and Firefox 3.6.8 (all browsers with Flash)
* Portable Applications available (RUNZ included)
* Programs are easier to run: App Runner is included
* Mount tar.gz/.zip/.rar/.iso files with File mounter
* Other software: OpenJDK (open-source implementation of the Java platform), Ubuntu Tweak, GParted
* Super OS has it's own repository, in addition to the official Ubuntu repositories
* Live USB creator (cd2usb) right from the DVD menu (see second image)
* Improved compatibility with 32-bits application, by including ia32-libs (64-bits version)
* Wubi has been fixed and is again included on the DVD
* Computer Janitor disabled, since many new users might mistakingly remove packages they may want (the program is confusing)
* Focus on making it very usable offline

Web Resmi :

iso nya :
Versi 64 bit :

Versi 32 bit :

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Post 21 Sep 2010, 20:17

weww..,size file isonya pasti guedeee banget..
nice info broooo...

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