[INFO] Vacancy: Short Term Data Analyst Position

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[INFO] Vacancy: Short Term Data Analyst Position

Post 12 Aug 2013, 22:59

Maaf sebelumnya karena info ini sama sekali tak terkait dengan Ubuntu. Tapi berhubung posisi dan lembaganya, menurut saya, menarik sekali, mohon izin untuk berbagi disini. Silahkan disebarluaskan.

Tentang J-PAL atau 'The Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab' dapat ditelusur disini.


(ps: admin yg baik, kalau ternyata ini menyalahi aturan forum silahkan dihapus saja)

Position Description
What: We are looking for a technical assistant/data analyst on a short-term basis to help us with the preparation and analysis of a large bank loan dataset (millions of observations).

There are two main tasks:
The database of bank loans is in Oracle database format. The analyst will first need to convert the dataset into a format suitable for analysis (e.g., Microsoft Excel, SAS, Stata). The analyst will need to have sufficient familiarity with database software, ideally with Oracle specifically, to carry out this task. However, more advanced knowledge of Oracle is not needed. Once the data are converted into a suitable format, the analyst will need to clean and prepare the data so they are ready for analysis. This may require merging, appending and other data manipulations that the analyst should be skillful in performing.
Once the data have been converted into a suitable format for analysis, the analyst will carry out an analysis of the dataset, under the direction of the project supervisor. The analysis will be primarily descriptive, looking at descriptive statistics, correlations, and possibly some simple regression analysis. The analyst will need to be skillful in carrying out such analysis on a large dataset.

Full documentation of all work, including intermediate data and conversion files with succinct written description of ALL procedural steps, along with files that create the datasets and analysis with full comments,
All intermediate and final datasets that are created,
Analytical outputs as requested by the project supervisor. This should include full documentation of ALL procedural steps necessary for the analysis, and a full explanation of the construction of any variables.
A brief final report that summarizes all of the analytical outputs. The emphasis of the report will be on the process and steps that go into constructing the data and conducting the analysis, rather than interpretation of the results.

Timing: Starting as soon as possible, with around 100-150 hours of work. It is not necessary that the analyst work full-time, but we want the work to be finished within 1-2 months once it has started.

Setup: The analyst will be contracted through an institution in Jakarta, working under the direct supervision of Russell Toth at the University of Sydney, Australia.

Other notes:
Only highly-qualified candidates need apply. Applicants should submit a CV that clearly highlights training/experience that is suited to the listed tasks, and also list 2 references who can directly speak to the candidate�s suitability for the listed tasks. Only finalists for the position will be contacted for an interview.
Beyond the technical skills noted above, the analyst should be sufficiently fluent in English to correspond in written and oral form with the project supervisor.

The analyst should have regular access to communication media (e.g., phone, Skype, email) to correspond with the project supervisor.
We will only contract directly with the analyst who will actually perform the work. This could be in the name of an institution if necessary, but the contract has to be on behalf of the primary analyst.
The analyst will need to provide their own computer hardware and software to carry out the listed tasks.
It is possible that this position could lead to future opportunities working with similar data.

How to apply:
Submit your CV to Hector Salazar Salame (hsalazar@povertyactionlab.org) Dateline August 21th, 2013.

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