[HOT] Steam for Linux sudah dalam status BETA

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[HOT] Steam for Linux sudah dalam status BETA

Post 02 Nov 2012, 08:52


Valve engineer Drew Bliss has given a short talk to ubuntu developers present at the Ubuntu Summit in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Revealing little in way of time schedules or release dates, instead referring to �Valve time� � a �release when it�s ready approach� � Bliss did have one trick up his sleeve for attendees of the summit: guaranteed access to the forthcoming beta.

Why Steam for Linux?

Bliss opened his talk with a background on the history and motivation behind Valve and Steam, explaining how the company went from games publisher to maintainers of a �complete content service� in Steam.

But why Linux, and why now?

Citing the �closing ecosystems� of Mac and Windows as being part of their decision to target Linux, Bliss admitted there was �self-interest� involved. But he stressed that there was �no ploy� to �takeover� Linux.

�Open platforms allowed Steam to exist. If we tried today it probably wouldn�t be possible,� he explained, calling Linux a �viable, alternative platform� that they were keen to support.

�We chose Ubuntu to start because of its broad user-base, strong community, and a strong company backing it in Canonical. Ubuntu was a simple choice to make.�

Beta Access

No time frame was given for either the limited beta release or the following �general� one, but Bliss did say that users �won�t have to wait until 2013′ to get hold of them.

Beta access was given as a gift to all attendees of UDS with an e-mail address in Launchpad.


Asked whether Steam for Linux would bring DRM/Copy Protection with it Bliss confirmed that no �industrial strength� protection would be required by them, though developers were free to choose to use copy-protection should they wish.

http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2012/10/valv ... nux-at-uds

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Post 02 Nov 2012, 08:59

Kalau kelak Ubuntu sudah lancar memainkan game-game berat macam Half Life 2, itu tandanya performa Ubuntu akan membaik dan makin bagus buat kita.

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Post 02 Nov 2012, 10:37

HOT kayak tritnya Nexus aja :laugh:

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Post 03 Nov 2012, 13:41

wahhh... tambah mantepp aja nichhh di linux

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Post 07 Nov 2012, 17:25

tambah mantap aja bro ubuntu broooo :D
semoga makin berkembang dah bisa kalahin "jendela hahaha

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