Urgen! Masalah Fetchmail..

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Urgen! Masalah Fetchmail..

Post 21 Feb 2011, 20:55

Gue ada kasus neh!

Ceritanya gini..
Satu server online yang ta admini handle service mail server base qmail. Nah karena letak fisiknya ada diluar negeri jadinya ta buatin mail server local biar ngak terasa berat di komputer clientnya. jadinya pake fetchmail deh buat narik semua email yang masuk ke server online ke mail server lokal.

Awalnya stabil seh, belakangan koneksi internet dikantor ngak stabil. Masalahnya mulai deh.

Saat fetchmail membaca email server online dan mendownload satu email misalnya dan saat bersamaan koneksi jd down. Artinya email gagal di dibawa oleh fetchmail alias putus ditengah jalan. Yg di online khan uda kebaca tuh.. artinya saat fetchmail membaca berikutnya email yg tadi ngak akan dibaca lagi soalnya fetchmail sudah menandai klo email tsb uda dibaca.

Dalam posisi ini adakah solusi cerdas dari teman2?

Solusi sementara:
1. manualin un-read lg tuh email :D solusi edan neh!
2. pake rsync, kendalanya yg email di lokal isinya uda ngak sama dengan yg online karena uda di olah sm yg punya account. Ini masih mikir2 ada celah yg bs di optimlin ngak dgn rsync ini.
3. nyari opsi di fetchmail agar bs membaca kembali yg sudah dibaca (ini belum nemu..)

Klo ada teknik lain bolehlah disharing...
Yang ngadalin system juga bolehlah, whahaaaa... berusaha tertawa walo adrenalin lg terpacu.

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Post 21 Feb 2011, 21:33

saya baca beberapa FAQ fetchmail bro
D2. All my mail seems to disappear after a dropped connection.

One POP3 daemon used in the Berkeley Unix world that reports itself as POP3 version 1.004 actually throws the queue away. 1.005 fixed that. If you're running this one, upgrade immediately. (It also truncates long lines at column 1024)

Many POP servers, if an interruption occurs, will restore the whole mail queue after about 10 minutes. Others will restore it right away. If you have an interruption and don't see it right away, cross your fingers and wait ten minutes before retrying.

Some servers (such as Microsoft's NTMail) are mis-designed to restore the entire queue, including messages you have deleted. If you have one of these and it flakes out on you a lot, try setting a small --fetchlimit value. This will result in more IP connects to the server, but will mean it actually executes changes to the queue more often.

Qualcomm's qpopper, used at many BSD Unix sites, is better behaved. If its connection is dropped, it will first execute all DELE commands as though you had issued a QUIT (this is a technical violation of the POP3 RFCs, but a good idea in a world of flaky phone lines). Then it will re-queue any message that was being downloaded at hangup time. Still, qpopper may require a noticeable amount of time to do deletions and clean up its queue. (Fetchmail waits a bit before retrying in order to avoid a `lock busy' error.)

D3. Mail that was being fetched when I interrupted my fetchmail seems to have been vanished.

Fetchmail only sends a delete mail request to the server when either (a) it gets a positive delivery acknowledgment from the SMTP listener, or (b) it gets one of the spam-filter errors (see the description of the antispam> option) from the listener. No interrupt can cause it to lose mail.

However, IMAP2bis has a design problem in that its normal fetch command marks a message `seen' as soon as the fetch command to get it is sent down. If for some reason the message isn't actually delivered (you take a line hit during the download, or your port 25 listener can't find enough free disk space, or you interrupt the delivery in mid-message) that `seen' message can lurk invisibly in your server mailbox forever.

Workaround: add the `fetchall' keyword to your fetch options.

Solution: switch to an IMAP4 server.
mungkin yang di bagian akhir bisa menjadi solusi buat yang nomor (3)..

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Post 21 Feb 2011, 21:47

pakai 2server mail

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Post 22 Feb 2011, 11:17

Yoai bro tut, satu server public, satunya server local.

Thanks bro black referensinya.
Ada kendala pas pake option fetchall..
Karena email yg di account online tetap ditinggal (ngak dihapus) maka saat menambahkan fetchall emailnya jadi double2. Memang seh option fetchall membaca lagi yg sudah diread.

Masih belum solusi ideal karena di lokal khan uda di manage ma yg punya account. Klo pake opsi fetchall bisa di komplen abis2an.

Munkinkah ada metode lain..?

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Post 06 Jun 2012, 16:10

ane ada pertanyaan neh,
klo fetchmailnya dikeep beberapa hari bisa ga ya?

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