[ASK] Install Driver VGA ATi Ubuntu 11.10

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[ASK] Install Driver VGA ATi Ubuntu 11.10

Post 08 Dec 2011, 15:42

ad yang bsa bantu cara instal vga ati radeon 6470M ga? udah googling ksana-kmari tapi hasilnya selalu blank :cry: ..
Spek : HP Paviliun 431, Prosesor i5 2nd , Vga ati radeon 6470M 1 gb ...
aq pke Ubuntu 11.10 ...
Mohon pencerahannya :cry:

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Post 09 Dec 2011, 18:16

The next command it is for for install some dependencies and some packets needed to install correctly the driver.

$ sudo apt-get install module-assistant build-essential fakeroot dh-make debconf bzip2 wget

After that command you go download the driver ati

$ wget -c https://a248.e.akamai.net/f/674/9206/0/ ... x86_64.run

Now you need run the installation

$ ./ati-driver-installer-8.42.3-x86.x86_64.run --extract fglrx

Open the directory fglrx

$ cd fglrx/arch/x86_64/usr/X11R6

Probably you have a some files in this directory, such as...

$ ln -s lib64 lib
## One more link needed for 8.2
## begin 8.2
$ ln -sf libfglrx_gamma.so.1.0 lib/libfglrx_gamma.so.1
## end 8.2 ;-)

$ cd -
$ sudo ./packages/Debian/ati-packager.sh --buildpkg etch #replace with lenny or sid when appropriete
$ cd ..

$ sudo dpkg -i fglrx-driver_8.42.3-1_amd64.deb fglrx-driver-dev_8.42.3-1_amd64.deb fglrx-kernel-src_8.42.3-1_amd64.deb fglrx-amdcccle_8.42.3-1_amd64.deb

OK, after input this commands, reboot your machine�

After reboot run this command:

$ fglrxinfo

And the result of this command should be similar to:

algoreal@dhcp-10-187:~$ fglrxinfo
display: :0.0 screen: 0
OpenGL vendor string: ATI Technologies Inc.
OpenGL renderer string: ATI MOBILITY RADEON X700
OpenGL version string: 2.1.7281 Release

copy from http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-instal ... ystem.html

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Post 10 Dec 2011, 07:33

makasih infonya masta, otw TKP <3

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Post 14 Dec 2011, 13:06

sipp ilmu yg bermanfaat

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