Tolong dijelaskan.... untuk masalah instalasi ubuntu

Semua mengenai teknik instalasi Ubuntu termasuk teknik instalasi aplikasinya dan migrasi dari Windows.
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Tolong dijelaskan.... untuk masalah instalasi ubuntu

Post 15 Jun 2011, 09:29

mohon bantuannya, saya instal Ubuntu 10.10 desktop, bisa diinstal, tapi setelah instal selesai, restart dan muncul ntfs5:no wubildr. trus setelah nunggu lama, layar tetap hitam, tapi ada tulisan login. itu bagaimana solusinya?
(Setelah tak coba dengan berbagai versi ubuntu, ,ulai 9.04 sampe 10.10tetap masalah sama)
ada satu thread di forum lain yang ngasih solusi, tapi saya agak bingung. ada yang tau maksudnya?

When you boot and select Ubuntu from the menu, instead of booting Ubuntu (if you are having the problem) you will be confronted by a text prompt like this one:


To boot back into your existing installation of Ubuntu you will need to type the following commands:

sh:grub> linux /boot/vmlinuz-(Your version of the kernel) root=/dev/(Your Windows partition) loop=/ubuntu/disks/root.disk ro

sh:grub> initrd /boot/initrd.img-(Your version of the kernel)

sh:grub> boot

Quick-tip: The new version of grub features auto-complete (very much like bash does). So, if you are not sure which version of the kernel you have, just use the TAB key when you get to the (Your version of the kernel) part of the command, and it should auto-complete with the files it finds in that directory.

When you get to the part about (Your Windows partition), this will usually be �sda1″ or �sda2″. However your mileage may vary depending on how many drives and partitions your computer has, and where you decided to install Ubuntu when you installed it the 1st time. To find out how many partitions you have, use:

sh:grub> ls -l

This will list all the partitions it can find in this format: hd(0,1), hd(0,2), etc. The first number is the physical disk. The second number stands for the partition number. Hence:

* hd(0,1) = /dev/sda1
* hd(0,2) = /dev/sda2
* hd(1,1) = /dev/sdb1
* hd(2,1) = /dev/sdc1
* and so on�

If you can�t boot into your Ubuntu installation with /dev/sda1, try the other partitions that you found with the ls -l command. One of them HAS to be it! Try �root=/dev/sda1″ first, if it doesn�t work, try again but iterate your way up� �root=/dev/sda2″, etc.

After you type in the � boot� command, Ubuntu should start to load and you should be greeted by your desktop, in full working order. BUT, we�re not done yet: we still have to fix grub so that you don�t have to type in those commands every time you want to boot into your system.

Open your Synaptic Package Manager, found on the Gnome-Panel menu under: System > Administration > Synaptic Package Manager. In the �Quick search� field, type in grub-pc. You should now be confronted with a list of packages. Focus on grub-pc, which should have an Ubuntu logo and a green square next to it. Right click on it, and select �Mark for Reinstallation�. Then click on the big green checkmark (Apply). After it has finished reinstalling that package, your troubles should be over, and your Wubi installation should be back to normal. Try a reboot, just to make sure it has all worked properly!

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Post 15 Jun 2011, 10:08

pake mesin apa nih?

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Post 15 Jun 2011, 10:26

gan klo ga slh ente td nyebutin klo install ubuntunya pake wubi. coba install pke livecd-nya saat restart, trus ntar klo d minta buat partisi, buat partisinya pake ext3 pake primary jangan logical/end.
satu lagi, jangan tlalau banyak buat partisi di hdd.

maap gan klo tulisan ane ruwet.

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