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Postby lucky_himakomers » 05 May 2011, 13:20

Saya punya masalah nie,,, sy install aircrack-ng di ubuntu 11.04
trus sy coba langkah2 cracking wpa. trus pas sampai langkah aireplay. muncul pesan kyak di bawah ini....!

lucky@lukman:~$ sudo aireplay-ng -0 1 -a 00:1E:58:B9:61:9E -c FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF mon0
14:14:41 Waiting for beacon frame (BSSID: 00:1E:58:B9:61:9E) on channel -1
14:14:41 mon0 is on channel -1, but the AP uses channel 6

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