Ubuntu Studio Music Production Workshop - Saturday

FUI membuka belajar Linux Ubuntu di kelas biar lebih terarah, dibuka kelas desktop dan kelas server selama 3 bulan.
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Ubuntu Studio Music Production Workshop - Saturday

Postby KuKuKaChu » 24 Aug 2014, 15:25

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Open Source Music Production Workshop
Using Ubuntu Studio

Workshop Leader: Didik Partono Rudiarto

Please note this workshop is for musicians only.

Harap perhatian: lokakarya ini khusus untuk orang musisi.

Date: saturday 30 august

Cost: Rp0

Venue: Inixindo, Permata Senayan E2-E5, Jl. Tentara Pelajar 5, Jakarta 12210


Informal English-language workshop for 6-10 people.

Pak Didik will show us through his Ubuntu Studio music production system, and how various hardware integrates with it.

A laptop set up with Ubuntu Studio will be available to play around with. Bring along your own laptop and/or file samples from your existing closed source systems.

Please let me know if you are interested in attending. If you know of other musicians who may be interested, please let me know also.

Ubuntu Studio

What is Ubuntu Studio?

Open Source Music Production Workshop

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