[Help] Install GDL (Gnu Data Languange)

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[Help] Install GDL (Gnu Data Languange)

Postby achjar » 27 Mar 2013, 18:42

[font:Verdana]Mohon maaf saya masih newbi, jadi bener2 gak faham penggunaan command di Linux. Saya menggunakan Ubuntu 12.04LST
Saya install GDL (gnu data languange) di ubuntu, tapi ada tahap yang tidak saya mengerti. Mohon Bantuannya[/font]

On installation, GDL is installed with various libraries in .pro files under:

Environment Variables / GDL_STARTUP

To ensure the libraries above are available to GDL when you run it, you can make use of the GDL_STARTUP environment variable. Set it as follows (bash):

export GDL_STARTUP=~/.gdl_startup

Or add that line to the bottom of your .bashrc file so it is run automatically on log in. To do this graphically open a text editor Applications > Accessories> Text Editor. Choose File > Open and show hidden files by pressing Crtl-H on the keyboard. Open the .bash_rc file and add your export line at the bottom.

Now that we have set the GDL_STARTUP variable to point to a file we need to create that file: Use vi, Text Editor (gedit) or any other text editor to create the file: /home/jonny/.gdl_startup
and add the following contents:

!PATH=!PATH + ':/usr/share/doc/gnudatalanguage/examples/pro/'
!PATH=!PATH + ':/usr/share/doc/gnudatalanguage/examples/pro/dicom/'
print, '%** Personal settings are loaded and active **';

This sets the working directory to /home/jonny/gdl, we need to make sure that that exists. We can then reference files for input and output relative to this directory.
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Re: [Help] Install GDL (Gnu Data Languange)

Postby nif » 29 Mar 2013, 08:41

install dari source ya om?
memang agak susah. lebih mudah install dari repository Ubuntu.

saya belum pernah pake gdl, tapi saya tadi coba ketik gdl di terminal jawabannya seperti ini;

nif@offline-pc:~$ gdl
The program 'gdl' is currently not installed. You can install it by typing:
sudo apt-get install gnudatalanguage

itu artinya program ini sudah tersedia di repository Ubuntu.
untuk menginstall-nya tinggal ketikkan;

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sudo apt-get install gnudatalanguage
(kalo terkoneksi internet)


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