Polaroid Instant Cameras

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Polaroid Instant Cameras

Postby Jessmile » 21 Nov 2012, 21:00

Polaroid Instant Cameras are the kind of things you can't tell why people still are using them after all the years. You see, the pictures sure are not as neat and clear as the new digital cameras, but surely, they produce a feeling that you can't have with the modern cameras.

I myself recently bought an old Polaroid One Step Camera, Sears Special Edition. I'm waiting to receive the films that I ordered separately and then I'll be all set to take sweet shots from my entourage, landscape,etc. The polaroids were pretty limited from the technical point of view. For example, the camera I just bought needs to have flash bars attached to it in order to produce a flash haha. You might be wondering why am I using this device and why did I just bought one... The answer is simple, with this camera, every pictures feel special and you can take a picture and instantly have it in your hands a poloroid camera
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Re: Polaroid Instant Cameras

Postby q_p » 21 Nov 2012, 21:24

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Re: Polaroid Instant Cameras

Postby SatriyaMujung » 22 Nov 2012, 07:56


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